Integrum Institute
The courage for love

Our mission is to pass on the positive message about physicality and sexuality.

We believe that every human being is worthy of love.

We aim to create an environment which enables a respectful exploration of the value of man as an integral whole.

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      We are young people who want to work in the field of education and social activities. Our goal is to respond to the needs of the people who are facing the issue of identity seeking. The institute offers a positively orientated search for the value of every human being with an emphasis on the integrity of the physicality as one of the essential parts of the human being.

      The director
      The director represents the institute and takes care of the organization and implementation of activities. Current director: Benjamin Tomažič

      The council
      The council is the highest body that runs the Integrum institute.

      The expert council
      The expert council members are experts who ensure a professional approach in activities of the Institute.


      Past events

      16 Sep 2017
      Stična mladih: Workshop I know why, but how?
      18 Jul 2017
      Workshops at the Scout camp Kvajdej
      14 Jun 2017
      The beginnings of Integrum Institute
      15 Mar 2017
      A meeting with teenagers and their parents

      Upcoming events

      Event calendar



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