Men's group: Wild at Heart

Wild at heart
is a group that brings together those men who want to find their own heart.

Meetings are guided by Matej Križanič, a married permanent deacon, and are based on the Bible and the book The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick (academic year 2018-2019).


We started this group by merging two different groups. It was created as the result of cooperation between the Živi na polno institute and the Integrum institute. The first had the Leopard team, a group that supported the men striving for purity, and the other had a men’s group for hiking in the mountains. The newly formed group, like the book Wild in the Heart (by John Eldredge), unites both of these worlds and adds a new meaning to them. The “chains” of men today - passivity, chemical drugs, compulsive desire, worry, aggression, violence, and others - are the result of man's distance from his heart. The way back to his heart is good, liberating and full of life, but at the same time demanding - just like a hunt for a reindeer, as John Eldredge says.

When and where?

We meet Sunday of the month at 8 pm in the parish house in Trnovo (Lj).
If you can play the guitar, you are encouraged to bring it with you. At the same time, women’s group is held at the classroom next door. The meetings are guided by Mojca Giacomelli using the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge


[email protected]
Nejc P.    +386 31 028 028
Matej R.    +386 31 784 563
Benjamin    +386 40 186 266