Over 18 (documentary film)

Description of the documentary film

The documentary offers a brief overview of the state of modern pornography. It studies the effects on children, teenagers, parents and people working in the pornographic industry. It includes interviews with creators and actors in the pornographic industry, former porn stars, experts (pedagogical, psychological and statistical), treated addicts from pornography etc. The documentary highlights the story of a 13-year-old boy who became addicted to pornography at the age of nine. The film also shows the differences in pornography that have been happening in the recent decades: from its large breakthrough in magazines to the present day, when some things have changed significantly with the advent of the Internet.

Responses to the movie:

Watch the movie

The film is recommended for parents and young people who want to become acquainted with the impact of pornography on society and its effects on an individual. We believe it is of great importance that we discuss the topic. Children and adolescents are not the only ones exposed to its dangers, we all are. You can watch the trailer here.

The film is very suitable for creating an evening meeting for parents, married couples, youth groups, group leaders etc. A meeting is designed in collaboration with you, according to your wishes, needs, target audience and technical possibilities. The film is followed by a short conversation with a representative of the Integrum institute who had the experience of fighting pornography and/or studied further in this field. He is also available for additional questions, comments, guidelines, suggestions, help etc. The entire movie is 75 minutes long and the conversation usually lasts from 20 to 45 minutes.

Contact us if you are interested, we can play it also at your location!

The costs: We ask for reimbursement of travel expenses and a voluntary contribution, which will be used to cover other costs (the license for broadcasting in Slovenia, translation, technical and content preparation of the meeting).

Up until today, the documentary film has been watched by about 260 people (4 groups of married couples, participants of two catechist symposiums, students at the Franciscan student dormitory, the parents of the students of the Gimnazija Želimlje high school, the parents of the children who went to the first communion in the parish of Slivnica near Maribor and participants of the presentation at the Social Academy).

For all other questions, information, comments, orders etc. we are available at [email protected].