Educational workshops

In the school year 2019/2020, Integrum Institute offers to organise educational workshops for educational establishments on the following topics:
What gives me value, how children and young adults see themselves, how comparing to others and advertisements influence self-image ...
The beginnings of sexual activity  
Sexual maturing of men and women, preventing pregnancy, contraception, observing changes in the body, (too) early beginnings of sexual activity, what kind of influence does the first sexual act have ...
Masculinity and femininity  
Which are the main characteristics of men and which are those of women, how we complement each other and why we see some things very differently ...
Web research  
  • Social networks
    Which social networks the youth knows, which ones they use, what are their dangers and opportunities, how fake news happens, how to act in case of inappropriate content ...
  • Media and advertising
    What kind of messages do they convey, how they influence our opinions, how they affect self-image ...
  • Video games
    Which video games are interesting and popular, why they attract us, what are their dangers and what their beauties, what place and significance moderation has in this context ...
  • Pornography
    KWhat to do when encountering such contents, how present is pornography online and worldwide, what we think about it, who is it appropriate for, how does it affect us ...
  • Violence, sexual abuse, sexting
    What do these concepts mean, how often does it happen, how to act in certain situations, where to find help ...
  • Positive changes
    What have we gained with the internet, what opportunities does it offer, how much do we know it, how it helps us learn, communicate and obtain knowledge ...
Workshop for parents  
If you wish, we can organise an educational event for parents, either within the workshop for students or individually. The meeting consists of a viewing of a documentary, followed by a discussion with the parents. 
You can find more information on this option on the 18+ (documentary) page.

Workshop outline

We realise these are important, sensitive and precious topics we are discussing.
Our goal is to encourage the participants to think critically and to form a comprehensive opinion of their own.
Approximate length of workshop: from 2 to 6 school lessons (matter of agreement).
Price: depends on the number of participants, length and location of the school (travel expenses).
Contact information: [email protected] or 040 186 266 (Benjamin Tomažič)